A Dutch-engraved light baluster wine glass

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A Dutch-engraved light baluster wine glass
18th century

The round funnel bowl engraved on both sides with a three-masted ship, each in profile and in full sail, inscribed below the continuous waterline 'DE GAENDE EN KOOMENDE SCHEEPE', the stem with gentle swelling knops, plain conical foot, 19cm high (tiny chip to foot)

From the well-known glass collection formed by Jonkheer Mr. Willem J. Snouck Hurgronje (1848-1912) and Lady Anne Boreel (1861-1929), thence by descent to Jonkheer Mr. Aarnout Marinus Snouck Hurgronje and to the present owners. In 1929 part of the collection went to Gemeente Museum, The Hague.

It is most unusual to find two ships on a single wine goblet, the engraving of high quality.

Catalogue: Glass and Ceramics
Period: 18th century

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